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Let Us Lend a Paw!

Bringing Peace of Mind and Compassionate Care


Stay-Cation... aka: Vacation Care

We all need rest and decompression. While you're away on your trip, we can keep your animals in their own homes with their routine to keep their stress levels low.

Cat Care

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Cats thrive in their own environments. We can come by as little as one time a day, or multiple times a day, to care for your cat.

Our care includes cleaning the litter box, feeding them, playing, and anything else to keep them happy and healthy.

Dog Care

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Customized care as unique as Fido himself! We love dogs and enjoy our visits with them. We can come by 2-4x a day for various amounts of time to help keep their routine and care for them.

Care includes walking, feeding, playing, and more!

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Let's Talk Numbers

Lend a Paw charges based on duration of service. Below is the breakdown. Be sure to check out our example per day pricing below.
Per Visit Care
Below is our pricing PER VISIT. We charge based on time and in that time we provide all your animal needs to be safe and healthy. This includes feeding, medication, walking, etc. 
- 15 Minutes: $24
- 30 Minutes: $32
60 Minutes: $47
- 120 Minutes: $70

Check our our example per-day pricing structure below to get an idea of the cost per day for your animal's care.

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Additional Pet
All services are priced for two pets. Each additional pet is +$5 per additional dog or $3 per additional cat per service.
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Holiday Rate
Holiday rates are an extra $5 per visit. See our full policies on our policy page.

Vacation Care


Cost Per day!


Single Visit

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Single visits are great for a one-off day trip, or for cat care.

If you need one single visit, the costs are as follows: 
- 15 Minutes: $24
- 30 Minutes: $32
60 Minutes: $47
- 120 Minutes: $70

2 Per Day

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Two visits a day can be a great option for dogs or cats.

If you chose two visits per day, here is how much you'd spend per day based on how long the visits are:
- 15 Minutes: $48
- 30 Minutes: $64
- 60 Minutes: $94
- 120 Minutes: $140
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3 Per Day

Three visits per day is our most popular choice for households that include dogs. This allows for morning, midday and night care. 
- 15 Minutes: $72
- 30 Minutes: $96
- 60 Minutes: $141
- 120 Minutes: $210
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3 Steps to
Worry Free Pet Care!

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1. Contact us or Create an Account

To get started, fill out the contact form with you and your pets details or create an account under "Book Now"

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2. Schedule Your Pet Care!

Once we have your information, we will send you an activation link for you to create your account and schedule services.

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3. Schedule Free Consultation

Once you're fully in our system from steps 1 and 2, then we will call you to schedule a free consultation. We can't wait to meet you and your pets!

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