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Let Us Lend a Paw!

Bringing Peace of Mind and Compassionate Care

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Dog Fitness... aka: Dog Walks

Dog Fitness

Dog walks are more than just a routine outing; they're moments of bonding, exploration, and joy shared between human and canine companions. Perfect for busy professionals that need their pups let out during the day.

Exercise Focused:

Some dogs are higher energy and can't wait to stretch their legs and go for a speedy walk.  We accommodate this by ensuring they get a potty break and then walk, walk, walk!


Sniffaris is exactly what it sounds like: lots of sniffs! Some older dogs can't handle mileage but we know that sniffaris bring stimulation and enjoyment to their lives.


Let's Talk Numbers

Lend a Paw charges based on duration of service. Below is the breakdown if you are doing recurring visits on a weekly basis. If you are not on a recurring template, then take a look at our a la carte pricing. Be sure to check out our bundles below.
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Dog Walks
$30 / 30 Minutes
Included is a walk,  fresh water, and lots of love along the way.
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Nature Break
$22 / 15 Minutes
Included is time in the backyard to smell all the smells,  fresh water, and lots of love along the way.

But Wait! There's more! Below are our bundles for if you now you'll be using our services regularly.

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Additional Pet
All services are priced for two pets. Each additional pet is +$5 per additional dog or $3 per additional cat per service.
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Holiday Rate
Holiday rates are an extra $5 per visit. See our full policies on our policy page.

Dog Walking Bundles

More for LESS!

Gold Leash

More walks, more savings!

Five 30-minute walks per week on a day of your choice. 
Total: $138 ($12 discount)

Silver Leash

Ten 30-minute walks per week on a day of your choice. Total: $280 ($20 discount)

Bronze Leash

Five 1-hour walks per week on a day of your choice. Total: $209 ($16 discount)
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3 Steps to
Worry Free Pet Care!

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1. Contact us or Create an Account

To get started, fill out the contact form with you and your pets details or create an account under "Book Now"

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2. Schedule Your Pet Care!

Once we have your information, we will send you an activation link for you to create your account and schedule services.

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3. Schedule Free Consultation

Once you're fully in our system from steps 1 and 2, then we will call you to schedule a free consultation. We can't wait to meet you and your pets!

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