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Let Us Lend a Paw!

Bringing Peace of Mind and Compassionate Care


aka: the a la carte menu

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Extra Pet Visits

Need any one-off visits? We're here to help! We are able to schedule visits around your schedule. Just like our dog walking and vacation care, we have multiple time options available.

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Dog Hikes

Adventure time, adventure time! If you want your dog to get lots of energy out while also having an adventure, a dog hike is a great idea! For an hour, we go to a trail and burn some energy.

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Pet Taxi

Life gets busy - we are here to help! Sometimes jobs require us to be at work the same time businesses are open. This is where we come in. If your pet has a vet visit but you can't make it, schedule a pet taxi service with us! We will be your pet's personal chauffeur.

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Hourly Care

Sometimes hourly care is needed. This is a great option for those with puppies or senior dogs who can't leave them for long periods of time but the owners have appointments or other scheduled events. 

Let's Talk Numbers

Lend a Paw charges based on duration of service. Below is the breakdown. Be sure to check out our example per day pricing below.
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Extra Pet Visits
As needed dog walks: 
$32 for a 30 minute walk 
As needed care visit: 
$32 for a 30 minute visit
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Hourly Care
During daytime hours, hourly services can be reserved.
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Dog Hikes
Each hike is an hour long from the time we get to your house to pick up your dog, to the time we leave to drop your dog back off at home.
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Pet Taxi
$15/base + $1/mile +$0.50/minute
Pet(s) picked up or dropped off at the vet, your home or any other indicated location. If our sitters need to wait for your pet while at a vet appointment, we charge our regular visit fee to wait outside for them ($22/15 min, $30/30 min, $45/hour).
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3 Steps to
Worry Free Pet Care!

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1. Contact us or Create an Account

To get started, fill out the contact form with you and your pets details or create an account under "Book Now"

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2. Schedule Your Pet Care!

Once we have your information, we will send you an activation link for you to create your account and schedule services.

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3. Schedule Free Consultation

Once you're fully in our system from steps 1 and 2, then we will call you to schedule a free consultation. We can't wait to meet you and your pets!

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